What make us different?

There are lots of custom-made foot orthotics in the market. What make us the best among them?


Parents always care about the health of their children. Since flatfeet could cause multiple problems such as growing pain or scoliosis, early detection and treatments of foot problems are recommended.


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Plantar Fasciitis

Suffer from heel pain,

while you get up in the morning?


Hallux Valgus

Is it caused by high heels? No...

Patellofemoral Syndrome

Knee pain when walking downstairs?

ITB Friction Syndrome

Knee pain when climbing uphill?


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Running is our instinct. From 10000B.C., we ran away from beasts of prey to nowadays we run just to stay healthy. The soil we ran on becomes the road we run on; the callosities of our skin become our running shoes (still barefeet for minority). See how you should choose your running shoes, and your running styles.


Human Bodies are the engines of the bikes. The feet are the only contact points for force transmission. How could you get rid of injuries or not compromise your performance if you do not pay attention to foot biomechanics?